Mihin News
Mihin News
Fly Mihin Lanka to Kolkata, the City of Joy
Mihin Lanka to expand operations to Kolkata
Experience the ultimate romantic getaway in the Seychelles with Mihin Lanka
Nishantha Ranatunga defends time at Mihin and charts way forward
National Women’s Cricket Team flies to Sharja on Mihin Lanka
Mihin Lanka Continues to Offer Exceptional Hospitality
Mihin Lanka expands flight operations via Mattala
Mihin Lanka proud to support Sri Lanka’s National Sport
National Football Team flies to Dhaka on Mihin Lanka
Mihin Lanka - Official Airline for Harley Davidson
Third Batch of Mihin Lanka Trainee First Officers Take Flight
Mihin Lanka Hosts Ifthar Meal at Wekanda Jummah Mosque
Mihin Lanka Cargo General Sales Agent moves into new refurbished office
Mihn Lanka's new Business Class Service now offers passengers more comfort for Less
Mihin Lanka celebrates 7th anniversary with religious observances
Mihin Lanka proudly flies the World Cup Champions Home
Mihin Lanka proudly flies the victorious Sri Lankan Cricket team home
Nishantha Ranatunga inaugurated as Chairman/CEO of Mihin Lanka
Seychelles travel agents get a taste of Sri Lanka
Mihin Lanka offers added value after sale service to passengers
Mihin Lanka warmly welcomes and extend their congratulatory wishes to their newly appointed Chairman
Mr. Sri Lanka for Mr. International flies Mihin Lanka
Mihin Holidays, make your dream holiday a reality
Mihin Lanka facilitates memorable pilgrimages to Bodhgaya & Varanasi
Mihin Lanka supports retired senior citizen to fulfill holy pilgrimage to Bodhgaya
Nalaka Gunawardana, off roading to win
9 Year Old Tiara Kelly named the Mihin Lanka Christmas Promotion Winner
Mihin Lanka Exceeds the expectations says IATA and TAASL members
Mihin Lanka's inaugural flight to the Seychells takes off
An unforgettable travel experiance to an unforgettable destination
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