Card holder not travelling

Mihin Lanka offers you the opportunity to make a booking using your credit card on behalf of your family, friends or colleagues even though you are not in the travelling party.

Follow the usual online booking procedure and provide indemnity details after the booking

Below information need to forward least 3 days prior to departure in order to facilitate the airline to proceed with necessary verification processes.


1/ Duly filled Release & Indemnity form:
2/ Copy of credit card (both sides without the CVC number)
3/ Copy of credit card holder's Passport/NIC or Driving License

Once the above documents are received Mihin Lanka shall update the passenger's booking and advise you accordingly.

If the Release & Indemnity form is not sent to Mihin Lanka and the passenger attempts to travel without the Air line's approval, he/she will be denied boarding. Please feel free to contact us for any further clarification if required.

24 * 7 Call center +94 112 00 22 55 Free phone 8000 55555 (free within UAE)