Online Refund Request

Online Refund Request

Please use below form to request refund for an Electronic Ticket purchased through our online booking system ( If refund request tickets not purchased through our website, please contact Ticket issuing office.

If you wish to change your travel date without requesting refund, please contact nearest Mihin Lanka ticket office or call our 24/7 Call Center for assistance.

Please note this form is only to request the refund of cancelled bookings. Please contact closes Mihin Lanka ticket office or Call Center for booking cancelation. It is important call and cancels your booking before 4 hours to flight departure to avoid the additional no show penalty.

The refund request will be processed by Mihin Lanka (Pvt) Ltd within 10 working days and credited to the card account which was used to make the online payment. All refunds are subject to a refund fee mentioned on the Fare Conditions of the ticket purchased online. Please note amount will be credited back to your account after deduction relevant cancelling penalties.

Any further inquiries email us on

Telephone number

Tick if you are refunding the ticket(s) and enter new ticket(s) issued.
Please enter your new Ticket Numbers below
I understand that by submitting this form, I agree for a refund on my above booking subject to my booking being eligible for a refund fee and/or any other applicable fee per passenger
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