Varanasi is one of the most blindingly colorful, unrelentingly chaotic and unapologetically indiscreet places on earth. Varanasi takes no prisoners. But if you're ready for it, this may just turn out to be your favorite stop of all.

The old city of Varanasi is situated along the western bank of the Ganges and extends back from the riverbank ghats in a labyrinth of alleys called galis that are too narrow for traffic. They can be disorienting, but the popular hotels and restaurants are usually signposted and, however lost you become, you will eventually end up at a ghat and get your bearings. You can walk all the way along the ghats, apart from during and immediately after the monsoon, when the river level is too high.

Most places of interest, and much of the accommodation, are in the old city. Behind the station is the peaceful Cantonment area, home to most of the top-end hotels.

The shopping hotspots in Varanasi are Chowk, Gyan Vapi, Vishwanath Gali, Thatheri Bazar, Lahurabir, Godoulia or Dashswamedh Gali and Golghar.

Since Varanasi is mainly associated with Hinduism, temples form the main attraction. The Ganga Ghats (river fronts) are the main center of religious activities and rituals and also form one of the main attractions of Varanasi. The Alamgir Mosque, blend of the Hindu and Mughal styles of the architecture, is another important attraction of Varanasi. Some of the most important temples of Varanasi are,

  • Durga temple
  • Vishwanath temple
  • Sankat Mochan temple
  • Tulsi Manas temple
  • Bharat Mata temple

Other attractions of Varanasi are the Benaras Hindu University (BHU), the Archaeological Museum, Sarnath, Bharat Kala Bhavan and the Buddhist Stupas and temples at Sarnath.

Things to do in Varanasi
Boat rides - Have the real joy of the nature thorough boats riding in the early morning which make us feel in our soul a deep silence, overwhelming cool climate and come close to the Supreme power.
Street and Ghats Walk - Walking in the morning at the street and ghats are also the great things to try while tour to Varanasi. Roads are clean and empty which makes walking so easy, comfort and enjoyable.
Bathe - Having bath at the ghats of the Gange in Varanasi has its variety of ritual beliefs and religious importance. A large crowd of the people takes bath and makes a dip in the Holy Gange water daily at the ghat.
Eating - There are a variety of tasty and delicious foods within budget available at every place. There are the varieties of restaurants, dharamshalas and hotels in the nearby areas of the ghats. Dum Aloo,Aloo chat, Pani puri, Banarasi Paan, Banarasi Lassi, Rabri and Malai are famous and delicious food and beverage items you can have in Varanasi.

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