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Experience the ultimate romantic getaway in the Seychelles with Mihin Lanka

The Seychellesis an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that is a dynamic blend of people from diverse ethnicities, cultures andreligions. Throughout history different people of African, European and Asiandescent have come to the Seychelles, bringing with them their own traditionsand cultures which have over time contributed to the unique way of life on theislands. The Seychelles is home to world-famous beaches and has long beenrecognized as one of the world’s most romantic holiday destinations. There arealso a variety of interesting activities and attractions that help you make aholiday in the Seychelles romantic and relaxing as well as thrilling andexciting.  


Breath-taking beaches in the Seychelles: There are hundreds of beaches in the Seychellesthat have gained international recognition for their pristine beauty.  The pale pink sands of AnseSource d’Argent are amongst some of the most photographed beaches in the world.The powdery-sand beach is framed with granite boulders; clear turquoise watersand is home to an abundance of corals and marine life. The quiet beaches ofPetite Anse offer the ultimate island getaway and the secluded beach is theideal place for a picnic lunch and relaxing afternoon in the sun.


Somerest, relaxation and fun: The Seychelles is one of the bestplaces in the world to either relax and unwind in the sun or enjoy a host ofexciting activities. The clear waters of the Seychelles offer an underwater havenfilled with colourful fish and corals. Shallow reefs and lagoons provide theideal location for snorkelling and with the assistance of qualified divers; youcan even venture into the deep on a dive in search of turtles, rays and shoalsof fish.


Someinteresting sites you can visit in Mahe include Port Launay Marine NationalPark, Shark Bank, Ber Ternay National Park and St. Anne Marine National Park. Locatedon the northwestcoast, the Port Launay Marine Park is famous for its beautifulbeaches and whale-sharks, whichduring the season, can be seen feeding on plankton. The white sandy beach is extremely popularand is dotted with shady trees, making it the ideal sport for aromantic picnic.

Thereare also a variety of exciting excursions you can enjoy on the islandsincluding glass-bottom boating, sports fishing and a large variety of watersports. There's also a golf course and for the keen explorer, guided naturetours which enable you to enjoy some of the rarest species of flora and fauna onthe islands. For those who want to enjoy a night out in the Seychelles, you canvisit the many bars and fine restaurants on the islands that offer incredibleCreole cuisine.

Sightseeingand exploration: The Seychelles ishometo a variety of beautiful Creole houses and artists' studios, national reservesand marine parks, as well as breath-taking natural wonders. The fusion ofcultures and traditions that has occurred in the Seychelles has made it theideal place for many artists to thrive. Popular artists who have studios youcan visit on the islands include, Donald Adelaide whose work has been inspiredby the sea view and coastlines for over 20 years, Andrew Gee a successfulwatercolour artist and Barbara Jenson who does a lot of work in charcoal andpencil. There are also many young up-and-coming artists in the Seychelles whosebeach side studios provide the ultimate stop during an afternoon walk throughthe city.


Nowyou can enjoy the very best of the Seychelles with Mihin Lanka’s convenientflight options. Mihin Lanka operates flights from Sri Lanka to the Seychellesevery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the four-hour journey to the islandsis one of the most affordable and comfortable flight options available from SriLanka.


Mihin Lanka isa leading low-cost airline in South Asia that operates across many destinationsin the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and South East Asia. Since itslaunch in 2007, Mihin Lanka has come a long way, becoming one of the region’smost admired affordable travel brands. The airline strives to maintain thehighest standards and is the only low-cost airline which provides acomplimentary on-board meal and a free checked-in baggage allowance. Focused on delivering the best to its customers, Mihin Lanka continuouslyadapts to passenger needs, in order to further fulfil its mission of being theleading low-cost airline in the region. 

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