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Mihin Lanka offers added value after sale service to passengers

“What is after sale service? As a travel agent I am sure passengers would like to know if there is anything more after you have sold them a ticket.”

These were explained to local travel agents who were on a familiarisation tour of Sri Lanka by Mihin Lanka’s consultant for marketing, Ingrid Guruge, during a presentation in Colombo on the added value for passengers the Sri Lankan low-cost airline is offering to passengers. Mihin Lanka was one of the co-sponsors of the trip.

“In Colombo the travel agents have to give us the local contacts of the passengers. Mihin Lanka agents call the passengers the day before to assure them if the flight will be on time or if there will be a delay. We ask them how many pieces of luggage they have for check-in. This is because we offer a pre-check-in, hence less waiting time at the checking counters. We also ask for their seat choice and more than anything else we give the passengers the contact number of the persons they have to see at the airport. This ensures the passengers do not get lost,” said Ingrid.

She said the airline sends its staff to meet the passengers, escort them to the counter and make sure the check-in procedure is done.

“In cases of the really important Commercially Important Persons (CIP) we do not even take them to the counters. The staff members meet them at the doors, take their luggage and the passengers are led by our staff through immigration,” she said, emphasising how important their CIP passengers are to the airline. She noted that they have a lot of CIPs.

Ingrid said the airline’s airport and in-flight services are the two icons Mihin Lanka bases its sale on and although it is a local airline its services come free of charge ensuring that it gives its passengers a good service. For that the airline also has special handling of CIP passengers.

Ingrid urged the travel agents not to miss out on filling in the local contact numbers because the credit will go to them as the passenger would say: “My travel agent did that for me”.

She also said that added information is very handy as she took for example kids travelling alone to join their parents during school holidays.

She gave a scenario of a little five-year-old who has booked to go alone on a Mihin Lanka flight. What the staff does is ask the parent who is picking up the child the time he/she will be coming to the airport, will the passenger need a wheelchair etc, assures him/her that one of the airline staff will be there to meet him/her. Therefore the parent feels reassured.

“This is the added value that goes beyond the expectations of our passengers,” said Ingrid. She boasted about Mihin Lanka being the only airline in Sri Lanka that does the pre-calling service so that passengers are reassured the airline is present.

Other added information that travel agents can tell their clients is that at the Colombo airport Mihin Lanka has dedicated counters – numbers 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. Therefore as soon as they enter the Colombo airport they can go straight to these counters for their formalities.

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