Flights to Delhi
Delhi is one of the most ancient cities in the world that has now evolved into a busy metropolis. At the crossroads of culture and innovation, Delhi will offer you unforgettable memories that are not found elsewhere.
Mihin Lanka operates frequent direct flights to Delhi, with quick connections from major cities in Asia and Europe.

The Humayun's Tomb  

Perhaps the most famous monument in Delhi, the Humayun’s Tomb hosts the grave of perhaps one of the most noticeable Mughal emperors ever – Humayun. Built over 450 years ago, it was the first garden tomb in South Asia and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lotus Temple  

A house of worship open to all religions, and built as recently as 1986, the Lotus Temple is already one of the most visited places on earth – surpassing the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. The temple’s unique architecture makes it one of the must visits for any traveller to Delhi.

Red Fort  

One of the most prominent landscapes in Delhi, Red Fort was constructed by the Mogul emperor Shah-Jahan  and is today the location from which the Indian Prime Minister addresses the nation on Independence Day.

The National Museum  

Home to over 200,000 works of art covering nearly 5,000 years – the National Museum will let you explore the history and rich cultural heritage of India in a range of areas.

India Gate  

Also known as the Bharat gate, the India Gate is the national monument of India. It commemorates the 90,000 soldiers of the Indian army who lost their lives while fighting for the British Indian Empire in the World War I. Host to many cultural events, it attracts large crowds from around the world.


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