Your cultural visit in Sharjah may start at the Cultural Palace Square in Al Wahda Road, the Natural History Museum, and the Palace of the Sheikh of Sharjah. Take some time to relax at the Ajman and Sharjah Cornich, known for their white beaches. Shoppers will want to allow plenty of time to visit to the oldest market place in the United Arab Emirates, the Souq Al Arsah on Cornich Road and the Blue Souq, the most famous market in Sharjah, with 600-some colorful shops with bargains from gold, silver and precious stones to jewelry, carpets and rugs.

Sharjah has a lot to offer to tourists and has a number of famous attractions including museums, traditional Souks, modern shopping malls and family entertainment to keep visitors of all ages busy. A vacation to Sharjah is sure to become an unforgettable experience!
Here are some exciting places to explore when you visit Sharjah.

  • Eye of the Emirates
  • The Discovery Centre
  • Arabian Wildlife Centre
  • Al Hisns
  • The Sharjah Art Museum
  • The Planetarium
  • Central Souq (Blue Souq)

As in the rest of the UAE, Arabic is the official language, with most residents actually speaking other languages entirely - particularly Hindi and Urdu. English is widely spoken in shops, souqs, and hotels.

With its modern infrastructure and multi-lane highways, it is easy to visit neighboring emirates and the east coast, either for just a day or for a longer stay. Choices of standard or tailor-made tours are available, or visitors can hire a car or explore by taxi.

Shopping in Sharjah is a unique experience, which distinguishes this Emirate from others. Sharjah also hosts the most exciting family events covering entertainment, sports and heritage.

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