The Seychelles are an archipelago of around 115 islands situated close to East Africa in the Indian Ocean and have enjoyed a colourful history of acquisitions with the French and British.

Today, lasting influences from the island’s time under France and Britain, have ensured that the main language spoken amongst the islanders is Creole – a French based Patois. However French and English are well spoken as are German and Italian. Due to the island’s welcoming nature, many races and cultures have at some point made the Seychelles its home and thereby contributed to the complex weave of culture found in the islands. Visitors to Seychelles will be amazed at its pristine white beaches and clear turquoise blue water that glistens in invitation.

For those interested in all types of fishing and other water related activity, including certain water sports, the Seychelles will prove a haven. For those who are fascinated by swimming in clear, transparent blue waters with a chance to swim among beautiful fish, Seychelles will once again prove to be a heavenly experience. For those visiting the Seychelles, the delectable cuisine is something that will never be forgotten.

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