Densely populated and humming with activity at all hours, Dhaka is a city of contrasts between old and new, rich and poor, industry and folk. From the concrete National Parliament House and ultramodern Bashundhara City, the largest shopping mall in South Asia, to the 17th Century Lalbagh Fort and the open markets along the city's side streets, these contrasts vividly shape the city. Visit the many mosques, temples and museums for a taste of Bengali culture and history.

It doesn’t matter how many times you experience this city, the sensation of being utterly overwhelmed is always the same. Sights and experiences come at you so thick and fast that it would take a lifetime to know this mega-city’s every mood. A day spent alternating between the filthy riverbanks of Old Dhaka and the swish restaurants of Gulshan is a day spent seeing the haves and have-nots of the world in crystal clarity. We can’t guarantee you’ll fall for Dhaka’s many charms, but sooner or later you will start to move to its beat and when that happens Dhaka stops being a terrifying ride and starts becoming a cauldron of art and intellect, passion and poverty, love and hate. Whatever happens, this is one fairground ride you’ll never forget.

Lalbagh Fort, Sadarghat, National Assembly Building, Liberation War Museum, Ahsan Manzil - the Pink Palace, Suhrawardi Park, Shankharia Bazar and Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection are interesting places you can explore in Dhaka.

Last but not the least, take most of your trips in the city with rickshaw, it’s a journey you would Love!!

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