Bahrain, the pearl of the ArabianGulf is enjoying unprecedented success as a tourist destination.A country where new blends inwell with the old, Bahrain is an oilrich country which consists of 33islands in the Gulf. Manhatten styleskyscrapers in the capital Manamajostle for space on the country’sskyline on one hand. While on theother age old forts and mosquesst and majestically against the desertsand dunes enriching the cultural history of this country.

The most pleasant time of year in Bahrain is during spring or autumn when sunshine is virtually guaranteed, along with warm temperatures tempered by soft breezes.  Summers can be hot and humid, though the humidity is modified at the end of the season when a dry northwesterly wind blows, known locally as the 'Al Barah'. Winter is cooler and influenced by low-pressure systems, which bring rainfall. Average rainfall is low, but most of it falls in winter.

Like an oyster, Bahrain’s rough exterior takes some pricing open, but it is worth the effort. From the excellent National Museum in Manama and the traditional houses of Muharraq to the extraordinary burial mounds at Sar, there are many fine sites to visit.  Visitors can also explore the desert landscapes of the Al-areen Wildlife Park which has several of Arabia’s indigenous species. For high speed thrills a tour of the Formula One Racetrack is a must or if rest and relaxation is on your agenda then retire to the coast of Al Jazair where the stretches of sand are fringed by reefs and dhows set sail to explore the nearby islands.

Its vibrant culture and rich heritage along with its liberal outlook makes Bahrain an ideal travel destination.

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