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Mihin Lanka Continues to Offer Exceptional Hospitality

Thursday 17thDecember 2014, Colombo: Mihin Lanka is SriLanka’s national low-cost carrier and takes great pride in connecting itscustomers with the rest of the region and the world. Dedicated to offering acomfortable flying experience at an affordable price, Mihin Lanka providesconvenient flights to an array of popular destinations. The airline has longbeen recognized for its commitment to providing exceptional hospitality and ina recent customer testimonial Piumee Vithanage, Miss Tourism Sri Lanka 2013,shared her personal Mihin Lanka travel experience.


PiumeeVithanage is currently studying at the University of Kelaniya and works as apart-time PR Manager. Her modelling career began in 2011 as a hobby and rapidlyevolved, taking her to greater heights. In 2013, she represented the country at the Miss Tourism 2013 contest inJakarta and stardom thereafter changed her life. Alongside her studies, shestills works as a professional model and participates in a variety of charityinitiatives.


Commentingon her first journey on-board Mihin Lanka, Vithanage said, “Flying to Jakarta,Indonesia with Mihin Lanka was a very memorable and interesting experience, asit was my very first time travelling on the airline. The cabin crew wasexceptionally friendly and showed a lot of interest in the contest. They askedme all about the event in Jakarta, inquired about my preparations and wished meall the very best for the show. Flying to another county for a beauty contestof such magnitude can make you nervous at times, but I was extremely glad I flewMihin Lanka because I was relaxed and at ease throughout my entirejourney.  The crew members went out oftheir way to make me feel at home, and I truly appreciated their kindness andsupport.”


Explainingher reasons for travel and why she chooses to fly Mihin Lanka, Piumee Vithanagestated, “I fly regularly, mostly for fashion and glamour related events andfunctions such as beauty pageants and fashion shows. I also love to travel todifferent holiday destinations and exploring different places is one of mygreatest passions. I prefer a seamless travel experience when flying and oftenchoose to fly Mihin Lanka because I can be assured that the journey will behassle-free and enjoyable. I also appreciate the extent to which the MihinLanka team takes care of me. The Mihin Lanka team handles everything withdedication from making reservations, to expediting the process for ticketcollection, to handling on-ground arrangements and even arrival formalities.Mihin Lanka goes that extra mile and attends to every detail in an effort tooffer exceptional customer care.”


Highlightingthe benefits of flying Mihin Lanka, she further added, “Mihin Lanka offers theperfect blend of value for money and excellent standards of service. Theluggage allowance also helps me considerably as I often have to carry a varietyof outfits, shoes and accessories with me. Finally, Mihin Lanka flights aredependable and they always arrive and depart on time.”


Describinga memorable moment she has enjoyed on-board Mihin Lanka, Piumee Vithanagestated, “From the very first time I flew Mihin Lanka to attend the Miss Tourism2013 contest, I enjoyed the airline’s hospitality every step of the way and thecrew made me feel like a VIP. The crew members had been informed that I wastravelling for the Miss Tourism 2013 contest, and they went out of their way tomake me comfortable.  That journey wasone of the most pleasant travel experiences I have ever had.”


MihinLanka is a leading low-cost airline in South Asia that operates across many destinationsin the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and South East Asia. Since itslaunch in 2007, Mihin Lanka has come a long way, becoming one of the region’smost admired affordable travel brands. The airline strives to maintain thehighest standards and is the only low-cost airline which provides acomplimentary on-board meal and a free checked-in baggage allowance. Focused on delivering the best to its customers, Mihin Lanka continuouslyadapts to passenger needs, in order to further fulfil its mission of being theleading low-cost airline in the region.


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