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Prominent Business personality  
Kishu Gomes commends
Mihin Lanka

‘Commendable achievement by Mihin Lanka’
says prominent business personality Kishu Gomes

“I think what truly sets Mihin apart from other airlines are the staff. The passion they have to be flying Mihin is evident in their very attitudes and behavior. That level of personal touch is why I would not hesitate to recommend Mihin Lanka to anybody” said Mr Kishu Gomes.
Having recently flown Mihin Lanka for the first time, to Dhaka, Bangladesh, he said he was highly taken up with the Mihin Lanka service.
“As a budget airline, food and other services are aspects which can be matched with other airlines. However creating a pleasurable and memorable flight experience, through a courteous and friendly service, that is passionate and authentic is the greatest differentiator.” He further said.
Researches and surveys conducted on airline passengers on an International level show that friendly service that is genuine and consistent are among the highly ranked criteria for continued travel with a particular airline. Mihin Lanka’s onboard staff is well trained and experienced in the hospitality industry and is the epitome of Sri Lanka’s renowned reputation as a nation of friendly people.
As the only available direct flight to Dhaka, Mihin has identified a truly successful market potential that has served to further strengthen business, tourist and bi-lateral ties between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Operating five times a week, Mihin is proud to announce that all its Dhaka flights are on full capacity. Mihin hopes to increase its flights to Dhaka on a daily basis so as to further solidify the bonds between the two nations.
Speaking further Mr Gomes was of the opinion that “from a business perspective price is certainly a distinct differentiator when it comes to choosing an airline, and more so when it is a budget airline. Therefore Mihin by its very nature cannot and need not offer any other frills as regular airlines. Taking these factors into consideration, the frills that Mihin does offer are certainly commendable and highly appreciated.”
Mihin occupies an exceptional position as Sri Lanka’s budget airline. Operating direct flights to 7 destinations it offers passengers a comfortable and smooth journey that is cost effective whilst offering regular airline services such as onboard meals to every passenger. Additionally value added services are also made available.
“At Mihin we have always strived to offer our passengers an experience. This experience is what keeps them coming back for more. Our vision is embodied in our motto of ‘the world beyond…within reach’. This is what we aim to achieve and to this end we are consistently on the look out for ideal market potential which we will not hesitate laying claim to. Like Dhaka, our Jakarta flight too is in great demand being the only direct flight available from Colombo. We have been and always will be a peoples airline and therefore everything we do is done with this in mind.” Said Kapila Chandrasena, CEO, Mihin Lanka.
The Airline also aspires to all International airline standards and procedures and employs pilots, engineers and other crew members of high caliber.
“Despite all the improvements and advances made, this is not to say that Mihin does not have areas for development. All businesses do. However judging by what Mihin was and what it has become today I am indeed proud of what our country has been able to achieve. “ concluded Mr Gomes.

I remain a very happy client of Mihin Lanka!  
Geoff Doidge

High Commissioner of South Africa
Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives

“I am most impressed with the service rendered by your airline and staff and in particular Nimasha and Nimali on flight MJ 502 on 25th May. Nimasha and Nimali, really exceeded my every expectation. They were highly professional and yet managed to be friendly and smiled with their clients. There was no delay in making contact with the passengers they read the body language and reacted immediately. Their service was consistent throughout the flight and it made my trip a very pleasant one.

Mihin Lanka can pave the way for economic development says 
Mr Tilak de Zoysa

AMW Chairman commends Mihin Lanka for exceptional service

“Having a father who was the first Chairman of Air Ceylon, the high’s and low’s of the airline industry is no strange subject for Mr Tilak de Zoysa, President of AMW.
A frequent traveler on almost every kind of airplane, Mr de Zoysa was faced with a dilemma when recently traveling to Dhaka on business. On the one hand there was the option of flying a regular airline but spending almost eight hours flying and in transit or opting to fly Mihin Lanka and severing the time spent by more than half. After much thought and consideration and having checked with others who had flown the airline Mr de Zoysa made the decision to fly Mihin Lanka for the first time, to Dhaka.
“I must say seeing the plane from the exterior and then climbing aboard and witnessing the interior of the plane I was pleasantly surprised! For some strange reason I had always had an impression that the planes would not be upto standard. Instead not only was the plane new, clean and well equipped but the subsequent flight experience was simply great!”
As a commercially important person traveling on Mihin Lanka, Mr de Zoysa was met with a hospitable service from a week prior to his flight. Airport Service staff contacted him to confirm flight arrangements, met him at the airport entrance, assisted him through a quick baggage check in and seated him in the lounge. They thereafter assisted him on board and to his seat whereupon the stewardesses continued with the excellent hospitality.
“It was smiles all around and I was made to feel exceedingly welcome and my every need and concern was promptly taken care of. I observed that this treatment was not just for me as a Commercially Important Person but for every passenger on the plane. After all the aircraft does not have any class segregation and therefore everyone was treated equally whilst on board. I though this was great as the service level was of a very high standard. In fact if I were to look at my experience from the service and food levels I would not have thought I was on a budget carrier. Because Mihin Lanka’s budget carrier service levels are far higher than most regular airlines”
This high praise from Mr Tilak de Zoysa was a further contributing factor for Kapila Chandrasena, CEO, Mihin Lanka to go ahead with the plans in store for Mihin Lanka that seeks to place Mihin on a whole new level amongst Budget Carriers Internationally.
“Not only do we have plans to expand our fleet but we are also very seriously looking at broadening our destinations – and especially our direct flight destinations as we feel this is what modern day busy passengers, especially commercial/business travelers- are looking for. We have come a long way since the inception of the Company and the airline and from this point there will only be a forward journey” said Mr Chandrasena.
Despite his initial skepticism, Mr de Zoysa was fully confident that he would have no hesitation in flying Mihin Lanka, especially when it came to Dhaka, as Mihin Lanka was the only direct flight there making the airline an expeditious and commercially viable option to choose.
“I will definitely be flying Mihin Lanka and I will also definitely promote it to all my friends and colleagues who have thus far had the same wrong impression I had for years regarding the airline. When Sri Lanka has its own budget carrier that flies to a couple of places as the only direct flight from Sri Lanka, and when the service standards are beyond par, food is great and the general flight experience is a pleasant and hospitable one, I don’t see why we should travel in any other airline anyway! Additionally a very important fact I noticed was that the Mihin Lanka flight both to Dhaka and back took off exactly on time! This is a rarity, especially in Sri Lanka and was therefore highly commendable.” Continued Mr de Zoysa
Mr de Zoysa also expressed his surprise and pleasure to meet the Deputy prime Minister of Japan, Katsuya Okada, on the same Mihin Lanka Dhaka flight.
As Chairman of many organizations both local and International Mr de Zoysa was of the firm belief that Mihin Lanka could pave the way to a much more viable airline facility and economic development in terms of tourism and business travel. As the only direct flight to Dhaka from Sri Lanka it also paved the way for increased relations between the two countries that would bode well for the future.

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