Travelling with Infant
Travelling with Infant

Procedures for carriage of infant seats

Infants are permitted to be carried in an acceptable separate child restraint system (CRS) fastened to a passenger seat. This could be forward facing and is a preferred method of restraint for an infant.
  • A child up to the age of two would be more effectively protected if seated on a CRS provided the weight or size of the child does not exceed the placarded limits      of the device.
  • Any CRS must be secured to the aircraft seat in accordance to the child seat manufactures instructions or an approved method.
  • The CRS should not be located in the row adjacent to an emergency exit or immediately forward or aft of such a row.
  • The CRS should not obstruct access and passageway to any emergency exit.
  • A window seat or the middle row of seats in a two aisle aircraft are the preferred locations although aisle seats are acceptable when the seats in the same row are    occupied by persons responsible for the infant.
  • Only one infant / child should be located in any one row unless the infants are in the same family and an adult is accompanying the second infant. .
General Guide to Restraint of Children in Aircraft.

Less than 6 months Infant seat belt
6 months up to 2 years  Infant seat belt or approved car type infant seat.
2 years and above Approved car type child restraint device or aircraft seat belt.
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