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About Us

Mihin Lanka is the budget airline of Democratic Socialists Republic of Sri Lanka, which was formed to cater for low cost air transportation to the traveling public.

We commenced our operation on 24th April 2007 flying to Dubai in UAE & with a view to expand to India, Middle East, and other regions.

We are represented by appointed General Sales Agents in India, Dubai, Maldives, Qatar, Kuwait and Korea. In Sri Lanka we have more than 100 active agents out which 75 agents are registered with us and actively promoting our services.

We have a friendly and a well trained crew to welcome you on board.

Mihin Lanka operates its international flights from Bandaranaike International Airport and the airport is equipped with up-to-date aircraft landing systems. It also has facilities and modern terminals where passengers are offered a wide range of services.

Our aim is to continue and establish long-term and reliable business contacts, and enhance the route network in order to meet the expectations of our passengers.